Fuxx The Hype vol.131

Let's talk about Brenna v.K. 

耳の早い人はもう知っているかもしれませんが、Brenna v.K. というアメリカから日本にやってきて、活動をしているアーティストがいます。私も偶然soundcloudで発見し、彼女の作るLet's Be Coolという物憂げな世界観と歌声で作られた曲に一聴だけで心を奪われました。Chill wave系の曲から、LA beatsともリンクする彼女の曲は皆さんにも是非聴いて頂きたいと思ったので彼女にインタビューを敢行しました。色々と興味深い話も聞けましたので音楽とともにお楽しみください!

Brenna v.K. interview

1. あなたの自己紹介をお願いします

2. Burennaさんはアメリカ出身ですよね?あなたから見て日本とアメリカのダンスミュージックシーンの違いはどのような所だと思いますか?

3 . 今、現在日本に住まわれているのはなぜですか?日本の生活はあなたの音楽制作において良い方向に作用しますか?

4 . 生涯の曲Top5を教えてください
1. Mindless Self Indulgence - "Backmask"
2. Aphex Twin - "Isoprophlex"
3. Imogen Heap - "Hide and Seek"
4. Lansing Dreiden - "A Line You Can Cross"
5. Coaltar of the Deepers - "Automation Structures"

5. 最近の好きな曲Top5を教えてください
1. The Irrepressibles - "My Witness"
2. The Knife - "The Captain"
3. Kito & Reija Lee - "On The Jam"
4. Grimes - "Genesis"
5. Fitz and the Tantrums - "Moneygrabber"

6. 最近、今後のリリース予定、ライブ、DJの予定など
 "Promises of Pretty Things"というシングルをデジタルリリースする予定がありまして、最近そのMVを作りました。このシングルには非常に光栄なことに数人の日本人アーティスト数名にリミキサーとして参加してもらっていますので、皆さん、是非注目してくださいね!

7. このblogの閲覧者に何か一言お願いします


J.F(Lady Citizen)、今回はどうもインタビューの機会を設けていただきありがとうございました!

Text translated by Lady Citizen
Original text(English)below↓

1. Please introduce your self.
My full name is Brenna von Kleist. It's German. But I'm not from Germany, and I don't speak German...

2. You are from U.S., aren’t you? Will you tell me what’s the difference between Japanese dance music seen & U.S’s?
Yes, I'm from a very small college town called "Chico" in Northern California. The only thing dance-related I ever saw there was in people's apartments where people blasted mainstream EDM or dubstep. And as for the rest of the US dance music scene, I'm sure it's quite different from that of Japan but I don't feel qualified to comment because I never went clubbing in the U.S. Not even once! I moved away a week after I became old enough to drink there.

3. Why are you living in Japan? Is Japanese life  good for your music making?
Back in my hometown I became friends with several Japanese exchange students and was pretty connected to their community. They convinced me that Japan was a cool place to live, and yeah, they were right! For music making, of course there are good and bad parts. I make music in my home, and I found my Japanese neighbors are a little more sensitive to noise than my U.S. counterparts, so that was a bit of an issue. But getting around with public transportation is amazingly convenient, and finding information and resources for music making is not at all as difficult as I expected.

4. Please tell me, your all time top five tracks.
This is a difficult question... I have way more than 5. But at least these 5 songs have had a very significant impact on me at some point in my life:
(1.) Mindless Self Indulgence - "Backmask"
(2.) Aphex Twin - "Isoprophlex"
(3.) Imogen Heap - "Hide and Seek"
(4.) Lansing Dreiden - "A Line You Can Cross"
(5.) Coaltar of the Deepers - "Automation Structures"

5. Please tell me your current favorite top five tracks.
(1.) The Irrepressibles - "My Witness"
(2.) The Knife - "The Captain"
(3.) Kito & Reija Lee - "On The Jam"
(4.) Grimes - "Genesis"
(5.) Fitz and the Tantrums - "Moneygrabber"

6. Let me know your forthcoming release, gig etc.
I just made a music video for a single that will be released digitally in late January/early February entitled "Promises of Pretty Things" -- it includes remixes by several fellow Japan artists who I was very lucky and obliged to work with. Keep your eyes and ears open for this!!

7. Message for Fuxx the hype blog’s subscriber.
Check out my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/brennavk and go to my websitehttp://www.brennavk.com to see the video & other links to my music.

I'm sorry I couldn't answer these questions in Japanese! Maybe next time I will improve enough to be able to do that. Or maybe not, haha. Thank you, J.F!

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